Naughty Pakistani schoolgirl Mia Khalifa fucks her teacher

Naughty Pakistani schoolgirl Mia Khalifa is such a mischievous girl! In addition to her behavior, she was performing below average in the class tests. So, her teacher decided to call her parents to have a conversation with them.

However, Mia wasn’t happy with the decision taken by her teacher and was looking for an alternative. She planned to use her big boobs to avoid the conversation with her parents. Because once they came to know about her performance her parents would cut off her pocket money.

So she approached her teacher and started begging him not to call her parents. She was wearing a typical school dress consisting of a white shirt, a red checked short skirt, white stockings and black shoes.

As a teacher didn’t fell for her she pulled out her weapon, her breasts. Again she unzipped his pants and brings out his dick. She started giving him a fine blowjob. He was always wanted to fuck his naughty student.

So, he became fully naked pulled schoolgirl Mia Khalifa white panty down. She was having a clean shaven pussy. He kneeled down and began licking her pussy.

Then she took got naked and took her teacher’s dick in her pussy and started jumping on him. They were continuously changing their fucking position.

At last, he filled his student’s mouth with his cum and dropped the idea of calling her parents. Checkout more Pornstars blogs Here.

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