Desi Wife In Lingerie Fucked By Her Boyfriend

My boyfriend stood in front of me with lingerie in his hands. I jumped in joy to see my favourite thing. I locked the door and kissed his lips thanking him for the present.

I stripped down right away and put on the lingerie. It was a black, net, see-through, sheer long onesie. Inside I wore a sexy panty. There was no need to wear a bra.

My boyfriend was already turned on seeing me getting naked and wearing lingerie. I was ought to please him.

First I teased him by slightly lowering the onesie to my breasts. Again I lifted it exposing my thighs. His cock attended its maximum size. I could see the bulge over his pants.

I lowered my lingerie further exposing my boobs. It was enough for him to come out of his clothes. He was standing fully naked stroking his dick.

I turned around showing my ass. He hugged me from behind and started kissing on my bareback. He was squeezing my boobs. His cock was poking in my ass.

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